Preparing for the future! The young ladies of the Rites of Passage Program will have the voting process nailed to perfection when their time comes to vote. The mentors and mentees had a lengthy and informative discussion about the upcoming election, current candidates, platforms and the importance of voting. After the conversation, the future voters had an opportunity to cast their votes! A mock polling site was set up at Brooks DeBartolo Collegiate High School and, the excited prospective voters filled out their ballots and cast their votes!


Voting wasn’t the only hot topic! Our leaders, inspiring leaders, and future leaders began to learn about leadership: what a leader is, qualities of a good leader, why leadership is important and what it can do for you. The young ladies also participated in a group activity that went along with this topic. Happy Birthday blessings go out to Zakaya Green and Asia Philon! And remember your vote counts!