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Derrick Brooks Charities Youth Programs (DBCYP)

of parents surveyed reported positive changes in their child’s behavior following the program participation
surveyed residents in communities served by DBCYP reported improved relations between law enforcement and the community
of court-ordered youth completing the DBCYP behavior modification/social responsibility program did not re-offend within one year
volunteers deployed
hours of community service annually
youth and families served
in additional in-kind support and services

Derrick Brooks Charities believes deeply in throwing the rope back to help pull our youth into an educated, empowered and emboldened future. One of the ways we do this is through our Derrick Brooks Charities Youth Programs (DBCYP). These programs impact the lives of youth throughout the Tampa Bay area. They aim to reduce the number of juveniles who become involved in the criminal justice system.

The Youth Programs focus on empowerment through protective and resiliency factors that encourage respect and responsibility for self, family and community. We emphasize educational and personal achievement as a deterrent for at-risk youth not reaching for their full potential.

DBCYP serves weekly in public schools, recreational centers and the 13th Judicial Circuit Juvenile Court. Parental involvement and commitment are at the pinnacle of importance. We seek to involve parents and guardians in the process, and as such they are asked to sign an agreement fully committing to the requirements and philosophy of DBCYP.

Derrick Brooks Charities Youth Programs (DBCYP) Community Justice Youth Crime Prevention and Intervention Program serves between 4200 – 5000 youth and families annually through life skills and anger management workshops; tutorial services; parenting workshops; and, advocacy meetings and events that foster better communication between law enforcement and the community.

Youth Crime Prevention and Intervention Program2022-10-21T12:07:29-04:00

The Youth Crime Prevention and Intervention Program empowers youth to reach their full potential with life skills classes focusing on education and personal responsibility. It steers youth away from the criminal justice system through social responsibility workshops. ​

Gang Prevention Education/Bullying2022-10-21T12:07:58-04:00

This component strives to reduce the risk factors for youth joining criminal gangs by providing them with appropriate prevention services. Ideal participants are students in the public-school system, juvenile justice system, or youth residing in at-risk neighborhoods or have a history of family violence, drug abuse or incarceration.​

Employability Skills Training2022-10-21T12:08:52-04:00

Youth and adults participate monthly workshops to prepare them for the ever-changing job market and develop soft skills to enhance their chances of receiving employment.

Parent Support Group2022-10-21T12:09:17-04:00

Parents and primary care providers participate in quarterly workshops using a curriculum and topics that are relevant to current events. These sessions are conducted in a relaxed, involved atmosphere.

Advisory Committee Meetings2022-10-21T12:17:48-04:00

Monthly meetings and workshops are held to inform the community of issues related to crime prevention, social services, law enforcement, health, and education. Meetings and workshops are open to all interested parties.

Community & School Activities2022-10-21T12:11:29-04:00

Staff and volunteers deliver educational, behavior modification and self-esteem building classes to youth, parents, and community residents on a weekly basis.

Life Skills and Social Responsibility Training2022-10-21T12:19:28-04:00

These weekly sessions are open to youth between the ages of 10 and 18. Referrals can be made by parents, school and juvenile justice officials as well as community-based organizations. Youth and their parents are provided with education and training from a curriculum that includes:

  • ​​​Anger Management
  • Self-esteem Building
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Crime Prevention
  • Resisting Negative Peer Pressure
  • Decision Making/Choices & Consequences
  • Human Trafficking Awareness


DBCYP Contact Info

Phone: (813) 241-1415
Fax: (813) 242-2528

Call (813) 241-1415 for enrollment for new participants.

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