Today began extremely early with most of us rising at 4:00am. We had a very early start on our journey to Philadelphia. After leaving Boston and a short, but delayed flight we arrived in Philadelphia about one hour behind schedule causing us to make some minor adjustments to our itinerary. We headed to Eastern State Penitentiary, built in 1822 and the first Penitentiary in the USA. Little did we know that this would not only be a historical tour but also a very deep and well thought out look into correction life from that time period until now. There is too much information to add on a blog, but suffice it to say that our young thinkers were extremely engaged in the conversation about making many needed changes.

This fatigued group departed for the Constitutional Walking Tour to explore the amazing history of our nation’s birth and to understand the importance of the very first Capital of our Country and home to the very first 2 Presidents of the United States. After enjoying Philly Cheese Steaks delivered to us from Sonny’s Cheese Steaks, this weary group began its 2 mile tour,  tying history, finance, government and social issues into our agenda for the week. Once again we were blessed with a guide passionate about the subject matter and engaging with all of us.

Our group of travelers have been champs. We have walked well over 25 miles not including airports, hotels, etc. Beacon Hill was a workout worthy of a triathlete, but there were no complaints, just fatigue and appreciation.

There was a very short period of time before heading to dinner and bowling at Lucky Strike which was great; bowling, pool, ping pong, games and video games.

Tomorrow is our last day and it is also full, stay tuned for further updates.