Posted on November 13, 2017 5:02 pm

Young Ladies Rites of Passage November Update

Rites of Passage November Update

Topics for this months Rites of Passage females mentoring session were Building Friendships and Peer Pressure. We had a great discussion about friendship, meeting new friends, the meaning of friendship, characteristics of a good friend and maintaining healthy friendships. Our dialogue then segued into peer pressure. The young ladies openly and eagerly spoke out about their personal experiences with peer pressure and how they reacted in these situations. Mentors educated the girls about good and bad peer pressures, strategies to avoid bad peer pressure, ways to react, coping techniques and what makes you vulnerable to it. Mentees also acted out realistic scenarios of peer pressure. On another note, our November community service project was to stuff gift bags for the homeless. The girls and mentors had a wonderful time doing this together and discussing gratitude and giving. Our meeting ended with birthday shout outs! Happy birthday to Ms. Lisa, Ms. Carol, Ms. Raquel, Kyarah, Taniah and Denajae!