Derrick Brooks Charities is now announcing that we have a Luxury Suite that is available for purchase to assist in benefiting Derrick Brooks Charities many educational programs. The following games are available:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

09/17/2017 Chicago Bears 1:00pm

10/01/2017 New York Giants 4:05pm

11/12/2017 New York Jets 1:00pm

12/10/2017 Detroit Lions 1:00pm

12/18/2017 Atlanta Falcons 8:30pm

12/31/2017 New Orleans 1:00pm


USF Bulls

9/02/2017 Stony Brook

09/21/2017 Temple

10/14/2017 UMass

10/28/2017 Cincinnati

11/04/2017 Houston

11/16/2017 Tulsa


For more details and pricing, please contact Bonita Pulido at the charity office 813-877-8681 or

Thank you for supporting Derrick Brooks Charities.