March and April Updates

In 2018, we still deal with racism, and what makes it worse is our children face this reality every day. Our conversation began with reminding the girls of their worth and how unique they are. There was an open floor discussion for the young ladies to express their feelings about racism, any encounters they’ve had and to ask questions. Mentors gave guidance and support by defining race, racism, equality, mutual respect, and discrimination. They also answered questions, provided examples and demonstrated ways to combat racism. We all learned a great deal, and it was time well spent. It is our responsibility to teach our youth about these issues. If we don’t, who will?

Personal health and hygiene was the topic for April. Topics covered were hand washing, showering, preventing body odor, wearing clean clothing, hair, skin, and oral care and the food pyramid. At the end of the lesson, the girls were gifted personal hygiene bags. Thank you, Ms. Karley Wright, RN and mentor for the ROPP for explaining the importance of self-care.