Derrick Brooks Charities Youth Programs Advisory Committee sponsored Community-Police Relationships (CPR) forums on Zoom between November 2020 to February 2021. These three (3) Zoom forums, that took place of normally in-person interaction between youth and law enforcement, was a continuation of the charity’s commitment to bridge the gap between the community and local law enforcement agencies.

Youth and community residents had an open dialogue with law enforcement agencies on the state of their relationships and what needs to be done to strengthen relationships. A diverse panel of sheriffs, chiefs, community residents and youth participated in these forums and offered their perspectives on how to work together. Over 300 people from around the state participated in the forums.

Some of the noted comments were:

  1. As a chief I was shocked to see the video of what happened to George Floyd. It is inexcusable.
  2. I had to go home and explain to my young kids why their father, who they saw as a protector of people, was in the same profession as the person who kneeled on the neck of George Floyd as he begged for his life.
  3. I used to blame the police for all my problems when I was the one breaking the law and causing my own problems. Now I’m working with the police and trying to save others.
  4. As a former student of the Derrick Brooks Charities Rites of Passage Programs I have been blessed to travel with the charity and meet law enforcement officers at conferences and have conversations with them. I have a picture with my sheriff. How many young people can say that? So, I brought those same experiences here to UCF with me and taught students how to interact with and get to know the police.
  5. Derrick Brooks Charities Advisory Committee is a robust group of over 40 volunteers from many professionals that does quarterly events to connect youth, law enforcement and the community.