Derrick Brooks Charities Youth Programs Advisory Committee held its Annual Earl Silas Bridging The Gap event at the Springhill Park on Saturday, December 10, 2022 with approximately 250 youth, residents and first responders in attendance. According to the event’s organizer, Jacqueline Coffie-Leeks, Vice President of the advisory committee, this event has been held in the Sulphur Spring area annually for over 15 years until the pandemic paused it in 2020. “We believe we can bridge the gap between police and community and foster better relationships by working together and allowing our young people to see another side of law enforcement and vice versa,” Ms. Coffie-Leeks said. The event was interactive with a table discussion that required youth and first responders to get to know each other and talk openly on how to better connect. There were fun activities such an old—fashioned kickball game, basketball free throw contest, video game contest and painting contest and more.