Building a better future means understanding the past–learning from it, growing from it, and celebrating the positive roots of change.
EVERFI 306 African American History program works to instill these powerful messages early, working with middle school students to broaden their understanding of America’s Black history. As a proud partner, VSG extends our thanks to the teachers and students who are already a part of this incredible program – we can’t wait to include even more Tampa Bay schools in the future.

Program Update:

We now have four schools active in our 306 African American History Program, these schools include Adams Middle School, Farnell Middle School, Progress Middle Magnet School, Lightning Foundation, and DBC Login School. That means we now have 245 active students involved in our program. We will be launching a new program called 306: Continuing the Story, an extension of our other program, where we discuss more of the current injustices.

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