<b>Brooks-DeBartolo Collegiate High School</b> - A Charter School in Hillsborough County Florida Derrick Brooks Charities <b>Rites of Passage Mentoring Program</b> Mother and Daughter Tea May 16, 2015   <b>Golf Classic</b> - Join our annual fundraiser. <B>Brooks Bunch</b> at the Tampa Bay Storm Game Received a Check from Athletes and Causes to Support Derrick Brooks Charities  Young Ladies Rites of Passage member march in the Martin Luther King Jr. Parade with Derrick Brooks and their Mentors.

Helping young people to become the leaders of tomorrow.

The mission of Derrick Brooks Charities, Inc., is to provide educational opportunities for youth that will instill, inspire, broaden, and develop cultural and social vision outside of the walls in which they live to ensure that these young people have every chance to develop into the strong and productive leaders of tomorrow.

We are currently seeking endowment opportunities.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call the charity office at (813) 877-8681.



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