306: African American History

Derrick Brooks Charities is excited to promote African-American History in Hillsborough County Schools. Inspired by the Florida Commissioner of Education’s goals to implement the teaching of the history of African peoples and the contributions of African-Americans to society into the curriculum of Florida’s schools, Derrick Brooks Charities has partnered with EVERFI, the nation’s leading educational technology company, to provide 306: African-American History to select district middle schools.

306: African-American History is a technology based resource to teach how African-American influence can be found at the core of American life; from science and academia, to music and arts. When you explore the journey of African-American history, you find stories of strength, resilience, and achievement. Communicating these stories is foundational to building shared values and inspiring today’s youth to become tomorrow’s leaders. “

This program began in the Fall of 2018 and we are currently in year number 2 for this program for the 2018-2019 school year we have just completed recruitment and are serving the following schools: Giunta, Greco, Ferrell, Carter G. Woodson and Barrington Middle School.


306 African American History Program Update for 2017-2018 School Year

Derrick Brooks Charities is pleased to report that the implementation of the 306 program in pre- selected Hillsborough County middle schools was a great success. The following is a general overview:

Active Schools:

Giunta Middle School

Memorial Middle School

E.J. Marshall Middle School

Webb Middle School

Franklin Middle Magnet School

Program Activation Summary:

Active Schools – 5

Students Reached – 388

Modules Completed – 1,571

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