Posted on July 1, 2016 11:36 am

Brooks Bunch College Road Trip Day 4

This day started very early for our group – after checking out of our Dorms we headed to the Den for breakfast on campus. The students did not have an opportunity to visit the Florida State University Bookstore on campus the day before and had asked if we could make a visit there before we departed for Gainesville and Orlando, they enjoyed their time shopping and got a lot of Florida State gear.  Back to the bus and to our next destination – PDQ in Tallahassee for lunch. The folks at PDQ were generous enough to supply lunch for our entire group!! Thank you PDQ! It was then time to depart for Orlando. We arrived in Orlando and checked into the Ritz Carlton Hotel and had a couple of hours of free time…finally!!! This was going to be a very special day of celebration for the group because that night we went to Morton’s Steakhouse via limousine service and enjoyed a five star meal!

Morton's Steakhouse Collage